Five Fabulous Ways to Live Happily - Happy New Year!

I have lived a life time of looking at what matters to all of us as a human race. What are the universal truths? How can we live in ways that exceed our best hopes? I have identified five fabulous ways to live happily which comes from my deep introspection, training, as well as personal and professional experience. I believe these five fabulous ways to live happily are quite attainable. Open Your Connection To The Heart

This requires us to feel the joy and pain of loving, as well as missing love. This means when a relationship has become derailed, we can still feel and connect with the love that first created the attachment of connection. Often to minimize the attachment, and to feel less pain, we cut off from ourselves and our true feelings in our heart. We dismiss the depth of caring that exists inside of us. It may seem that we are cutting off from the other person, but it is always ourselves we are truly cutting off from. We are actually cutting off from our deeper core, our deeper self. This can allow immediate relief, escape from hurt, however the potential consequence is an eternal schism from a deeper happiness. Opening our access to the heart is acknowledging to ourselves the mammoth number of relationships, and care that it has taken for us to be alive today. Recognizing the blessings of the ordinary is opening our hearts. It truly humbles us.

Opening the heart is placing a smile on our face, and looking around and seeing the beauty around us and in ourselves. This is returning to the innocence of the loving heart. In my son’s and my book, Welcome Home to Yourself, we explore this through introspection and photography.

Be Present

This requires full participation with what is occurring right now. This means no holding back, no passivity, no judgment, no sense of being inferior or superior. Being present is embracing that this moment, this relationship, this encounter, this job, this play, this rest, this meal and so on is what is most important right now. Being present is gifting every moment with staying in reality, holding a loving safe boundary, and having the awareness of choosing what is in the higher good for all. Being present is holding on to both realities, the I and thou. Balancing this encounter is living in awareness. Acting in awareness invites happiness with ourself, because we are doing our full part in engaging with our world. We cannot ask anything more from ourselves. Being present is also understanding that the outcome is out of our control.

Be Proactive

Being proactive is taking care of all our responsibilities, not allowing excuses to excuse us from living maturely. When we are not proactive, we need to do whatever we can to return to this conscious self-care.

Be Confident In Yourself

Even when you are afraid. It is not perfection which creates confidence, it is acceptance, and a belief that we have the right to step forward in our life. We always have something to share that benefits and gives value to those we are with.

Invite Satisfaction & Contentment As Constant Companions

This is to understand that being satisfied is stronger than all the strong feelings and emotions which block joy and happiness.

I hope you have enjoyed this list of fabulous ways to live happily, and I invite you to share your fabulous ways to live happily. All the best in 2011. May this year bring you great happiness!