How Do You Want To Feel?

Gertrude Stein a great American novelist quoted as saying on her death bed, “I hope I asked the right questions?” Often the question is more empowering and liberating than the answer. Here is a typical question we ask ourselves on a daily basis: What am I feeling? Do you like what you are feeling? Does this become your reality? What if you could feel better? What if you asked yourself the question, what do I want to feel? Try it, and see how this question shifts everything.

Now ask yourself, how do I want to feel. Take deep, slow breaths in and out, and focus on how do you want to feel.

I Want to Feel Rich

I asked myself the question last evening in my yoga class, what am I feeling. I was feeling timid, I had not been to my yoga classes for sometime. My instructor asked the class how would you like to feel. I closed my eyes and I thought, I want to feel refreshed, healthy, strong. I took several deep breaths, and then the magic happened. The word that surfaced is the word rich. Yes, I want to feel rich.

My entire being became relaxed. I then examined what does rich mean in this instance to me. I want to feel enriched in every aspect of my life, in every breath I take. I transformed to the connection with the vastness of plenty inside me and outside me. I could feel the world of abundance we all live in. In every facet of my life there is no poverty. This is how my feeling of timidity transformed into an experience of richness.

Wow, this knocked out every aspect of sluggishness inside of me. I felt resourced, available, secure, and happy. My mantra to the question was "rich". The question how do you want to feel is a great question in every situation. This is whether you are suffering with PTSD, anxiety, depression, loss, abandonment, a complicated relationship, or a difficult life transition. Make a shift on how you want to be.

  1. Ask yourself the question: How do you want to feel?

  2. Transfer your answer into I am what I want to feel.

The next step is transfer your answer into an empowering statement. For me, yesterday it is: "I am rich." Be impressed how you begin to see all the extraordinary ways in which you are what you want to feel. See the plenty inside you and all around you. Anxiety, fear, depression, PTSD does not hold power when your focus on being more than what you are feeling. This is living an organic life of possibilities.

Do enjoy this day. Thank you for reading my blogs, and do let me know of any topics you would enjoy reading.

To your richness...

With great pleasure,

Suzanne Kyra