Mindful Exercise Enhancing Emotional Intelligence and Self-Empowerment

How to liberate your feelings and thoughts of overwhelm into empowerment and personal freedom.

1. Be aware of the thought and feeling that creates discomfort inside you.

2. Hold attention to the thought and feeling for 10 seconds.

3. Next with a soft smile, follow each in-breath, and then each out-breath for 15 seconds.

4. The fun part. Retrieve a memory that you love remembering, and re-live it in full detail for a minute.

5. Return to the here and now.

6. With your renewed energy, reflect back on the thought and feeling that overwhelmed you. With this renewed energy, and an intention, choose a way on how you will mindfully heal your overwhelm.

7. Sense how the senses in your body responds to this new feeling. 8. Finish with gratitude for who you are.

Kyra Consulting@ copyright November, 2018