On Living Through Life's Stages With Grace and Success

"Everything has a time and a place. Everyone has a need to be met, a task to be achieved, a laugh to be held, and a tear to be blessed." Suzanne Kyra Welcome Home To Yourself

Knowing that there are certain developmental needs, tasks, relationships, and transformations that occur in each developmental stage of life that requires us to achieve success. It helps to be mindful of what is required during each stage, rather than on what we might want, or hope for. Avoiding unexamined romantic ideas of what should be, we can prevent our being misled into believing that we have rights to certain outcomes.

I am frequently reminded that the challenge of accepting what is needed in life's present life stage involves letting go of what my mind is wishing for, for what once was, or never was. It is wonderfully invigorating to go for what the need is right now, and for what success is imperative to experience. This is living in the now, with care for the future, and respect for the past. The key is to replace our wishes with conscious awareness of the healthy choices available in our present life, and create a reliable roadmap to achieve the success we need to thrive today and tomorrow.

If we focus first on things other than meeting the needs, tasks, or transformations required for each stage, we miss out on the teachings and gifts of our current developmental stage. Embracing the elements of our current life stage allows the next stage to build solidly on the previous ones. This is creating a solid foundation to live gracefully with whatever life presents us.

Whether life delivers crises, or wondrous gifts, the wisdom and knowledge acquired from the teachings of our previous life stages are there to support and guide us in making the astute, moral choices required by  the situation. The teachings from our previous life stages are the ground we walk on today. Be aware of who your teachers are, and what is their message. We require the right message from the right people. Our relationships deeply influences our life's well-being.

Welcoming the teachings of new life stages can cultivate ever more interest and curiosity in who we are, what could be born, and what could die to make room for the birth of something else. Like the metamorphosis of the butterfly, I experience life's stages as stepping stones to new possibilities, new successes, wearing new roles, and discovering new expansiveness in my identity and relationships. That there is a defined beginning and ending to our life is strong incentive to be respectful and fascinated by my and others' existence.

Welcome Home To Yourself- Suzanne Kyra