This Is Your Time To Live With An Abundant Attitude -and see magic happen.

No matter what your situation, your need, your tasks, this moment is your time to show up and live. Live with a humility of kindness. Living with abundance is not what we have it is what we share. Abundance surrounds us externally and internally. Externally is the Natural World that surrounds us. The internal world is how we embrace the world no matter how enjoyable or difficult a situation.

Imagine this is your time to live with an attitude of plenty. It is your time to take care of what matters in your life. Now the question is, how to do this? Here are four easy ways to bring abundant living into your life and have a Living Big world.

1. Abundance Is Unconditional Sharing

Abundance, like the Natural Wold, surpasses what we have-it is what we unconditionally share. It is an abundant lifestyle of giving back to the world around us. Easy ways to share, or to respond to other people's needs is with compassion, empathy and action. It is to see their needs even when it is not your need, and respond either or both with a recognition and an action.

2. A Yes And Living Big World

Living with abundance is living with the reality that we have a choice in everything we do. No matter what a situation we can choose how to respond. We can respond in limiting thoughts and conditioning, or we can respond in a whole new way of deeper wisdom. We can become more bold and more generous towards others, as we stay true to our integrity. Make it a yes and world rather than a yes, but world. A yes but world is an excuse for not participating in what is needed.

3. Living Abundantly Helps Drop The Mindset of Scarcity, Fear, And Anxiety

Living abundantly removes us from the mindset of scarcity. It takes us into the world of seeing it as a space of plenty. Imagine attempting to count the drops of dew on the morning grass, or the needles on a fir tree. It is humbling to live with all this abundance around us. The Natural World has such an enormous profusion of elements in all its existence. Allow your mind to think that there is more than any mind could ever imagine possible. Let go of the timid mind and Live Big in your thinking. Practice a generous spirit even when scarcity, fear, grief or anxiety is present.

4. Encourage An Abundant Life of Living Big

It is your right to live abundantly. See the possibility of engaging in generous acts of kindness to yourself and to others. This is no matter what the circumstances. Sharing sometimes can be a smile with warm eyes, and wishing someone a good day. Everyday invite yourself to enjoy living with abundance. Share yourself without giving yourself away. Care for yourself, and you will care for others with an abundant heart. This is your life.

Excerpts of this article are taken from my award winning book -Welcome Home To Yourself. Enjoy!

I would love to hear your comments. Enjoy your world it is waiting for you.