Three Easy Ways To Make Your Relationships More Meaningful

Everything we do is in the form of relating to ourselves or to others. The more mindful we are, the more meaningful are our relationships. The greater our self-awareness the greater our success in healthy relationships. Of course it is important to understand what are the tools to enhance our relationships and make deeper mutual connections. Here are three easy ways to make your relationship more meaningful.

One, be very aware of how you present yourself to the world. How do you GIVE of yourself? Are you friendly, genuine, and intelligent in your presence? Giving is what the world observes and experiences, the more available and reliable you are are, the safer you are to others.

Two, be very open in genuinely RECEIVING what is being given to you. If it is a gift, a complement, or a recognition, receive it with an open heart of recognition and gratitude. If it is reporting of something that caused harm or difficulty for someone, receive it with openness, compassion, and assertion. For instance, you might state: “This is difficult to hear, and I understand how this is difficult for you.”

Three, create GOALS how you will nurture and build your relationships. Setting goals for your relationships are a form of a boundary, on how to keep the connection alive and vibrant. You become more of a creator on how to help the relationship be the best it can be.

Remember everything is about relationships. Thank you for reading this blog. I would love to hear your feedback.

Very Sincerely,

Suzanne Kyra