Time Management and Self-Love

“Time is something we never get back. The more self-aware and empowered we are,  the better is our time management.  This I call self-love, the necessary ingredient for healthy time management.” 

-Suzanne Kyra

Time management and transitions.

Every year in every culture it is the custom to celebrate and acknowledge another year of life. We call it our birthday. Sometimes we make special plans for the day. Other times we treat this day as another ordinary and non-eventful day. When we experience defeat and disempowered, it is a day that we look at as a day best to ignored. We have then lost the understanding of how precious our lives are. It is in this state that we need to even more love ourselves with a loving acknowledgement of our birthday. This is the deeper meaning of time management. We never get a day back.

Now when we are in self-awareness, and feel alive, and strong, we create magic. Magic is that special ingredient which makes life a little more special.  Celebrating our lives launches us into higher productivity. Celebrations stimulates boldness, assertion, and inclusivity. This now creates the juice to go forward in the other parts of our lives which are more challenging and painful.

We need to stop and celebrate the small and big things in our lives, like birthdays, Mondays, Tuesdays ... This is necessary to manage the rest of our lives in an effective  and efficient manner. 

 Healthy time management stages

These are the key stages to developing awareness and agency to create change. How to create a fresh balance each day. 

First is celebrate that you are alive. Love yourself. Invest in your personal development. Make life good for yourself and all those around you. Be generous and grounded in reality. Bring joy to where you are and who you are  with. 

Second, is the stage of being with what is. Here we are sensing ourselves, and reflecting what is around us, and inside us. We ground ourselves in reality. We sense our core values, needs, integrity. We have healthy boundaries. We sense in what areas, are successful, learning, overwhelmed and, or procrastinating. 

Third is the stage of creating an action plan. We need to write this out, and be very detailed, and realistic. We need to acknowledge the time factor, the cost, the support needed, and the time frame it needs to complete. Focus your life this week on what most matters. Take a few minutes at the beginning of the week to put a doable plan into action. Be certain that your time management plan reflects the things that are important to you. Also a plan on how to care for those around you. Create manageable short-term goals to complete matters that do need your attention now. Be easy with yourself about those things that have come to overwhelm you. And the only solution you see is procrastination. 

Fourth is executing the plan. Take baby steps, seek healthy and efficient support wherever you can. Also execute how you will reward yourself. Be generous with your self care, relationships, work and play time. Each stage test the progress and re-calibrate wherever it is necessary. Be gentle and serious in creating the success required for today and the big picture. Do not stop until bliss has arrived. Each step of the way be mindful.  

Gratitude for our existence

We need to recognize and hold gratitude for our existence. This will support others to recognize the value of our existence, and vice versa. This is a power position to take for the rest of our lives. It takes a community to support the best time management.  The result is life begins to become more and more meaningful, and our time matters more and more to us. Many new choices are now available to us. 

Gratitude creates positive motivation

The more connected are with ourselves and others, the greater is our satisfaction. We carry within ourselves a sense of accomplishment and power. We examine our lives, our homes, our thoughts with an open curiosity. Joy, purpose, healthy attachments and love for life, replaces unnecessary obligations. Now this is a daily happy birthday. 

Gratitude creates such delicious moments, it opens us up to manage our daily lives.  Our inner child, our inner critic is at peace during these times. Wanting to feel this freedom from anxiety, worry, shame, loss, lonYet is natural. Yes, wanting these disempowering experiences to disappear is not enough. We need to create a plan on how to manage ourself, our thoughts, caring for our needs. This requires a deep commitment to how we will manage our time. 

"Seize the day!"

Someone once said to me, that it is a shame that we can’t have a birthday everyday. How true are those words? This is if we are happy and contented. Sometimes we put much time and energy into preparations for a special day. Imagine if we made each day important. Disciplined time managmenet is making every day matter. 

“Seize the Day” is a saying made popular in movies, liberation movements. “Seize the Day” is applicable in our lives. Why not take the time, the moment to hold gratitude for yourself and those around you. When was the last time you lived each day, as though it was your last day? When did you attend to finishing projects that have needed your attention for a long while? What if your time management focusses on your needs and responsiblities. See what magic begins to happen. Imagine the potential freedom and even fun.

We often let days pass without thinking too much about how we spend them. Weeks pass without us realizing how many wasted opportunities we have let slip away. We focus on surviving the day, and we loose sight of the bigger picture.


As each day ends, look at the goals, you had for that day, and ask yourself if you accomplished them. Also look at the successes you had this day, that was a nice surprise. Reflect on how much gratitude, and openness you felt to experience the joy of your success. How did this day add to your life? How open are you to feeling good? Allow your inner self to open up to what a beautiful world this is. 

Happiness is our reward when we manage our time. When done with  awareness, we realize everything around us does matter.  We are all connected. This is self-love. 

Thank you for reading this blog on time management and self-love! I enjoyed writing it for you.

Suzanne Kyra