The following is a list of suggested exercises and tips designed to help you start sensing what you need and want as you seek counselling. This helps to make the process crystal clear. At the bottom is a list of things you want to be mindful of as you go through your day. If you have any questions, do  contact me.


Universal Truth-The more self-aware we are, the less judgemental we are of our needs. The more empowered we are to care for our needs. Now the personal questions you might ask yourself:

What do I need?

Is my need different than what I want?

What am I willing to do to meet my needs?

What is my plan to meet one need at a time?


What do I want out of counselling?

Where does this desire come from?

What is my commitment to achieve the results I want?

Tips For Daily Practice

It is not uncommon for people to have hectic and stressful lives. As a result it is important to be aware of the following self- care practices each day. It is likely that none of these practice suggestions hold anything new, however they are the reminder for what we all need everyday. This is the art of discipline, of self-love.

Sense Your Body – The body is your truth teller. The more you are aware of it, the better you are able to take care of yourself. Sensing your body requires enormous training, and practice. The outcome is a life filled with inspiration and satisfaction.

Breathe Deeply – Breathing deeply oxygenates your body, and supports vibrant health.

Meditation- Meditation is a discipline in stopping the mind, and returning to the Now, the presence of being.

Healthy Eating – Healthy eating is crucial for your physical, psychological, and emotional empowerment.

Drink water – Drinking water keeps you fresh, hydrated and lubricated.

Exercise – Exercise increases circulation, and keeps your organs healthy.

Laugh – Laughing helps you to relax and rejuvenate. A wonderful way to surrender to what you cannot change.

Love and Mutual Connections – Love and mutual connections is a commitment to the necessary work of having a healthy relationship with yourself and others.

Have Gratitude – Having gratitude connects you with yourself and others in the sweetest of ways.

Focus – Focus is required to achieve all success.

Integrity – Integrity is the basis for morality, ethics, and principled living, without it, the path ahead is wrought with distress.

Receiving & Giving – Receiving and giving is the necessary mutual action for deeply meaningful connections. It is the nurturance that builds successful relationships.

Fun- Fun is necessary for the building of a most joyful life. 

Feel free to contact Suzanne Kyra for more exercises and tips.