The counselling process with Suzanne Kyra is completely tailored to you. It begins with you making an appointment with herself. During the first session she will inform you of the confidentiality boundaries as prescribed by the association of registered clinical counsellors. In a collaborative manner she will then move towards uncovering your goals, and what you want to get out of counselling. She will take a family history and focus on addressing why you have entered the counselling space. The great thing about counselling is that it gives you a 100% safe place to explore your needs. Her focus is she is here for you. Her years of experience and training underscores an enormous amount of expertise and passion for the work she is trained in. She loves her work and feels blessed to be able to share her clinical work with her clients.

What Motivates People to Begin Counselling?

Overcoming adversity is one of the major motivations for clients who see her. They are motivated to make a positive shift in their lives, typically for themselves to live better, and often to help their community live better. The core areas in which she works is to help you as a client become more centred, to help you sense what it is that you are needing, what it is that you can shift, and what it is that you need to learn in order to live a more exciting and empowered life- to make dreams become reality.

What Can I Expect The Process to Look Like?

The process for counselling is intimate and is centred on you and your well being. In the first session she will explain how she works, and the confidentiality boundaries. Once she and you have agreed to move forward and work together, the professional relationship will go through different phases based on your needs and goals. If you only need to address an isolated issue and gain a solution, then the counselling process can be successful within one session. If you wish to go into the deeper realm of what underpins issues in your life, then there is a clinical develpmental process where we develop a personal roadmap.

The first phase in counselling consists of us getting to know each other, and discovering whether you and she are a good fit. If the fit is right, you will initially feel a dependency on her. This is necessary for you to be cared for in a safe manner. You will soon practice what you are learning in the clinical sessions in your personal and professional life. As your skill sets and awareness develops from the counselling sessions, the dependency component of the client-counsellor relationship fades away and full interdependence surfaces. It is here where you will either end the counselling sessions or remain in counselling to uncover deeper characterological and developmental work.

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