The counselling process with Suzanne Kyra is held in a safe, collaborative, and nurturing environment that will allow you to express, and explore what you need, and how to move forward in order to discover, and successfully meet your needs. By supporting you to take the necessary next steps, you will be better able to achieve insights, satisfaction and success in your personal and professional life. The following are eight things you can expect from the counselling process with Suzanne Kyra.

How Counselling Supports and Empowers You

1) You Are Not Alone

Suzanne Kyra will be with you and support you every step of the way in the counselling process to hear your issues and concerns in a professional and setting that can be a great relief, supporting  you with a space to find your way to what is it that you exactly need to overcome your blocks, and find the answers you need inside yourself. Counselling can be like an oasis in a desert.

2) You Are Given A Step by Step Process  on How to Progress in Your Life

All of life is an adventure, with an unknown ahead of us. In counselling Suzanne Kyra will assist you to look at your life with fresh perspectives, gaining greater awareness, and understanding to who you are, and what are the steps you need to take to live the life you love, no matter what adversity you encounter. It also allows you to make choices which are of the utmost benefit to you and your community.

3) Overcome Negative & Limiting Beliefs

We all carry limiting beliefs and negative thoughts, from  time to time which takes away our joy and access to our dreams. Suzanne Kyra will help you unravel these  disempowering, limiting beliefs and negative thoughts to gain a living bigger perspective. A perspective which opens up the bigger picture. A perspective revealing to you, what is it you are needing to become more resilient, more creative, more resourceful and more joyous, in your life and in all your relationships. 

4) Learn What You Were Never Taught

Suzanne Kyra will help you uncover your blind spots and present clinical techniques to support you to uncover your blind spots. The blind spots which causes anxiety, depression, conflict, failure, isolation, grief, and/or alienation. Counselling is an excellent process for guiding you to uncover any negative blind-spots you may have in your life.

5) Gain Greater Self Confidence

Counselling will guide you to better understand how to address any negative factors in your life. As you work at this, it is very common to feel a great sense of pride, and thus greater self confidence. In addition, many of her clients have described a general feeling of being happier and more productive in their lives.

6) Gain Greater Autonomy

Counselling guides you to towards having a heightened ability to make positive choices. Because healthy choices can often be the most difficult ones to make, counselling will enable you to remain strong against negative eternal influences so that you can make the best possible choices.

7) Have Greater Connection With Others

As well as supporting you to better connect with yourself, Suzanne Kyra also supports you to better connect with those around you. This includes professional settings, family, friends, strangers and acquaintances. Effectively connecting with those around us is a key element in a successful and happy life.

8) Have More Choices Available To You

The real and quantifiable benefit of counselling is that the number of choices available to you will increase dramatically. Working with Suzanne Kyra effectively gives you another perspective into your life. She may see things or suggest things that you never realized. Not only does this give you more choices and options, and because you are in counselling, you will be supported to make the best choices possible.

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